Loss Prevention From left to right: Indian Springs Elementary School, Playground in woods, Enterprise Elementary School District Office sign


Each summer as the Northstate heats up and dries out, wildfires become a risk that must be mitigated. Here are some links and files that will help you.

Having Breathing Problems?

Remember, the new Prestige Clinic is open for business at 85 Hartnell Avenue. They can assist with respiratory distress and do breathing treatments.

Wildfire Smoke Safety Bulletin

Need to clean up the mess the fire made?

School personnel should avoid cleaning up structural debris from a fire. Contact your liability insurance carrier for assistance in hiring a remediation company.

To protect yourself from smoke and ash as you clean, even at home, take a look at these links:

Fire Cleanup Safety (.pdf): Please take a look at this for Cleanup Safety Recommendations  

CORRECT way to wear a respirator (flyer in English and Spanish)

Protecting Workers Exposed to Smoke from Wildfires (Dept. of Industrial Relations page) 


Have questions about your Employee Assistance Program?

Need Free Counseling? Financial Counseling? Any Other Assistance? Click here: CISC EAP Flyer


Here are some lessons learned from the Tubbs Fire that affected school districts in Santa Rosa in 2017:

School Wildfire Considerations