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Report A Work Related Injury

What to do when an injury occurs:



In Emergencies Dial 911

  1. Report the injury to the supervisor
  2. Call the SIA Early Intervention Nurse at 1-877-742-3467. The nurse will assess your medical needs and make you an appointment with a doctor and/or will assist with first aid instructions
    • The EIN is available from 7:30 am to 5:00 pm on all workdays. If you are injured outside of these hours, call the EIN and leave a message, then proceed to the medical clinic you have been using in the past or the Emergency room if necessary.
  3. After seeing the medical provider report back to your supervisor

Note: Be sure to report the injury to your supervisor immediately and also call the Early Intervention Nurse and leave a message so you can be followed up with as soon as possible if it is after hours.



  1. After an injury occurs the supervisor should (depending on the district policy) complete the Supervisor's Report
  2. Follow up with the employee on the results of their medical evaluation to determine if the employee is able to return to work doing their normal job. If not, evaluate the availability of temporary modified or alternate work.
  3. Work with your District Workers Compensation Representative and follow your district Return To Work (RTW) Policy  If your district does not have a RTW policy, the district can contact our office for assistance making one.

Workers compensation forms will be handled by Schools Insurance Authority (SIA). There is a feedback loop built in and you will be called, mailed and/or emailed when an employee calls the nurse without telling you. If you have questions please contact the Claims Examiners.


Helpful Resources

Return to Work pamphlet