Additional Benefits From Left To Right: Shasta County Office of Education, Sequoia Middle School, Enterprise High School

Additional Benefits

Member districts of Shasta-Trinity Schools JPA enjoy a variety of services and benefits. It is the intent of STSIG to ensure all members have access to helpful programs that increase the value of membership and promote a safe and healthy life.


24/7 Help with Personal Concerns

Employee Assistance Program
Access free, confidential resources if you or a family member needs help with emotional, marital, financial, addiction, legal, or stress issues.

Call 1-800-999-7222 Or go to and enter SISC

This is a no-cost benefit


 Expert Medical Opinions

Advance Medical
Get answers to your health care questions and medical opinions from world-leading experts.

Call 1-855-201-9925 Or go to

This is a no-cost benefit


24/7 Physician Access – Anytime, Anywhere

Consult with doctors and pediatricians over the phone or using online video for medical conditions such as cold, fever, sore throat, flu, infection, and children’s health issues.  Physicians can prescribe medication when appropriate.  Online behavioral health visits are also available.

Register by calling MDLive at 1-888-632-2738 Or go to

$5 for PPO members $40 for HDHP members


Free Generic Medications

On our PPO pharmacy plans, members can get free generic mediations at Costco and through Costco Mail Order (excludes certain pain and cough medications) and members on High Deductible plans can get free generic medications after their deductible has been met.   Costco membership not required.

Call 530-222-0199 Or stop by the Redding Location, 1300 Dana Dr, Redding CA 96003. If outside of Redding call 1-800-774-2678 to find a local Costco

This is a no-cost benefit

Enhanced Cancer Benefit

Contigo Health

Contigo Health is partnering with STSIG/SISC to offer an enhanced cancer benefit.  Informational links are below:

Contigo Health Information Page

Contigo Health Online Intake  


No Cost Hip, Knee, and Spine Surgical Options

Carrum Health
Get access to top-quality surgeons at Scripps with no out-of-pocket cost.  All medical bills, including deductibles, coinsurance and even travel expenses are covered.

Call 1-888-855-7806

This is a no-cost benefit


Diabetes Prevention Program

If you qualify, you can get access to a 16-week cutting-edge program that helps with weight loss, adopting healthy habits and can significantly reduce your risk of developing diabetes.

Go to and take a 1-minute quiz to see if you qualify.

This is a no-cost benefit


Discounted Gym Memberships

Active & Fit Direct
Choose from participating fitness centers and YMCAs nationwide for a much lower cost than you would pay on your own.  You pay only $25 a month (plus $25 enrollment fee and taxes).  Verify directly with fitness center for participation.

Members log into, Scroll down to "Value Added Benefits” and visit “Active And Fit: ASH Gym Discount”.

This is a low-cost benefit


Discounted Hearing Aids

Use your $700 hearing aid allowance through Anthem to purchase hearing aids.  Just go to a TruHearing provider to be fitted and adjusted for a wide variety of the latest digital hearing aids.  You will save about $980 per hearing aid compared to national average

Call 1-866-754-1607

This is a low-cost benefit


Discounted Eye Glasses

VSP members can utilize this program for discounted eyewear.

First, create an account at Then, go to

This benefit is a 20% savings on glasses and sunglasses