About STSIG From left to right: Bob Reid Stadium, Trinity County Office of Education, Shasta County Office of Education entrance


Shasta-Trinity Schools Insurance Group consists of Administration, Loss Prevention Services, Benefits and Workers' Compensation departments.


The general operation of Shasta-Trinity Schools Insurance Group is a collaborative effort of the staff and management, including the strategic planning for STSIG's programs. From visionary concepts to the decisions, strategy, and implementation of those ideas, the goal is to meet the needs of our members. 

Loss Prevention Services 

STSIG Loss Prevention Services is dedicated to promoting a safe, healthy and supportive environment for school employees and students. Through innovative and pragmatic programs, we assist our members in saving funds for use in the classroom. 


STSIG’s medical, dental, vision, and pharmacy programs are self-insured. Claims are administered under contract with third-party administrators. Our staff is here to assist members with questions and concerns as well as acting as a liaison with the claim administrators.

Workers' Compensation 

STSIG's Workers' Compensation Program was established in 1980. During its tenure it has been self-insured as well as a fully insured program. Effective July 1, 2014 we partnered with Schools Insurance Authority leveraging their exceptional program while maintaining local control and presence within our member districts.