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STSIG Wellness Incentive Program

The wellness activity period is each year between November 1 and October 31.  Completing the required activities will earn the Wellness Incentives award. 

Members and spouses enrolled in a medical plan on October 31 who complete the wellness incentive requirements and submit their Wellness Tracker by that date will receive a $100 gift card payable in December. Wellness trackers submitted after that date will not be accepted. 


A Member’s spouse can also complete the wellness incentive requirements for a $100 gift card payable in December.

To be eligible for wellness incentives, you must complete THREE incentive activities, one of which MUST be a Wellness Exam.

Remember, Anthem and the pharmacies will not be supplying STSIG with reports of your wellness exams or flu shots. To receive the wellness incentive, members must submit proof of their completed wellness activities on the Wellness Activity Tracker (below). Spouses must complete and submit their own Wellness Activity Tracker to receive the incentive.


  • Mandatory Wellness Exam between November 1 and October  31
    • Exam done at Prestige Health Clinic will also include a free blood panel 

AND any two of the following options:

  • One medically recommended vaccine (ie Flu/COVID/etc) between September 1 and October 31, done at a pharmacy or district-sponsored on-site flu shot clinic.  FOR FREE FLU SHOT INFORMATION, CLICK HERE
  • Mammogram screening
  • Bone Density test and screening for osteoporosis
  • Colonoscopy screening/Cologuard
  • Annual vision screening
  • Two dental cleanings with oral assessment
  • STSIG Health Fair
  • Healthy Blood Pressure - 130/85 or less 
  • Accumulate 400 points on FitThumb for exercise
  • JPA-Approved Health Seminar
  • JPA or District Approved Health Challenge
  • JPA or District Open Enrollment Meeting (STSIG virtual meetings available weekly every August or watch a recorded meeting on the website during August).


Program Forms and Links

2024 Wellness Activity Tracker

2024 Wellness Incentive Program flyer