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Work Comp

Shasta-Trinity Schools Insurance Group is partnered with Schools Insurance Authority to provide the highest standard of care in Workers Compensation.

The SIA Workers' Compensation Program is self-insured and self-administered. It is a unique program designed with special features that provide the injured worker the support to return to work as soon as reasonably possible. Among those features are:

Early Intervention Nurse

Injured employees can call a toll free intake line and speak directly to a nurse regarding a potentially compensable incident, and be directed to the most appropriate physician for treatment. SIA's physician partners are hand-selected based on quality of care, their understanding of workers' compensation laws, and the needs of member districts and employees. This partnering generally allows for the scheduling of non-emergency medical care within 1-2 days, expediting the employee's care while also ensuring that costs and evaluations are appropriate under all circumstances.

Structured Return to Work Program

SIA uses a Structured Return to Work Program in which all Members have developed a pre-identified listing of modified duty tasks for injured employees. SIA's Return to Work Specialist obtains the work restrictions from the physician, contacts the Member to gain assistance in the modified duty placement, and works to bring the employee back into the workplace. This approach also keeps the employee engaged in the workplace, easing the transition back into his/her regular position.

In-House Utilization Review Program

SIA's In-House Utilization Review Program provides a quality assessment of the reviewed treatment request in compliance with workers' compensation laws. Teaming with a respected local physician, who also serves as SIA's Medical Director, unnecessary treatment or inappropriate treatment, is avoided. Selective and appropriate use of this process complements sound claim review and ensures that costs are not wasted. These components in conjunction with the overall processes and people involved in the administration of workers' compensation claims maximize the best outcomes for the injured worker and the member districts.

Eyres- SIA and STSIG Employment and Education Law Hotline Program

Administrators and their selected staff have access to a Hotline Program, managed by Patricia S. Eyres. This hotline offers member districts legal advice and process guidance with hands-on assistance for developing documentation, writing apprpriate letters, managing required processes (interactive process, leaves of absence, investigation and discipline) and related personnel decisions.                             Webinar Schedule for July through December 2019 


Workers Comp Glossary of Terms


Reporting a Work-Related Injury