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Safety Training Do-It-Yourself Modules

This page contains information, videos, and slideshows on various safety topics that you can use for your own internal training.  Use this as your own safety training resource.

If you would like assistance with any of the classes listed below or would like to request additional topics please contact the Loss Prevention Manager at 530-221-6444 or email Kurt Walling at kwalling@stsig.org

More subjects will be added periodically, check back often!


Ergonomics at Home This 8-minute video explains basic ergonomics and shows ways you can use common household items to create an ergonomically correct workstation while working from home.

school sanitation

School Sanitation. This one-hour Zoom class recording is designed to reduce preventable diseases, sickness, and foodborne illnesses in the school environment. Topics include a discussion of common illnesses in schools, disease and illness transmission, foodborne illness and prevention, as well as effective cleaning and maintenance techniques.  Attendees will learn the Five “fs” of sanitation, an easy way to remember modes of illness transmission and some information on dealing with COVID-19.


Cold Weather For Bus Drivers (slideshow)

School Bus Safety, general (slideshow)

Instructor Guide: School Bus Safety, from the NHTSA School Bus Driver In-Service Safety Series

School Bus Ergonomics, Recommendations from the University of Nijmegan

Slippery Roads handout, from NHTSA