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Workers' Compensation Committee

The Workers’ Compensation Committee consists of two to five members selected by the President. All members of this Committee must be Regular or Alternate members of the Board. The President selects the Committee Chair and Vice-chair.

The functions of the Workers’ Compensation Committee include but are not limited to the following:

a. Review all matters affecting the Workers’ Compensation Program available to members of the Authority;
b. Review, analyze and assess, in conjunction with the Executive Director, Workers’ Compensation coverage appeals and/or claims arising from an insurance provider’s decision not to cover a particular loss with a value above the settlement authority granted to the Executive Director by Authority Policy;
c. In cooperation with the Finance/Audit Committee, review, analyze and assess the results of workers’compensation claims audits conducted at least every three years;
d. Develop workers’ compensation loss control and risk management policies for Board consideration and adoption;
e. Submit recommendations concerning these matters for further consideration to, and action by, the Executive Committee and/or Board of Directors.