Standing Committees From left to right: Enterprise High School front office, School buses lined up, Fall River Students on lawn

Executive Committee

The executive committee is a nine member Standing Committee of the Board established to provide ongoing operational oversight of the JPA. The Executive Committee typically meets on a quarterly basis and is charged with the following key responsibilities:

  • Hires staff authorized by the Joint Powers Board.
  • Evaluates the Executive Director and provides program direction.
  • Develops programs for consideration of the Joint Powers Board.
  • Responsible for development of recommendations to the Joint Powers Board for Program Retention Levels, Rates, Dividends, Membership, Positions and Compensation.
  • Approval of Contracts for Consultants, Brokers and Administrators managing JPA Programs.
  • Provides direction to claims administrator for claims handling and approval of settlements.
  • Establishes Program and Operational policy for programs and staff.