About STSIG From left to right: Bob Reid Stadium, Trinity County Office of Education, Shasta County Office of Education entrance

History of STSIG

In the mid-1970s, the California Legislature amended the Government Code to provide that any two or more public agencies could join together to exercise jointly any rights they might individually have, creating the first Joint Powers Agreement, enabling Shasta & Trinity school districts and county offices of education to pool together for the purpose of self-insurance. Under these codes Shasta-Trinity Schools Insurance Group (STSIG) was formed on October 1, 1980. STSIG was committed to saving insurance premium dollars for school districts and stabilizing the cost of insurance over the long period.

The first program implemented in 1980 was the Worker’s Compensation Program, followed by the health benefits consisting of medical, dental, and vision in 1986.

Today STSIG has a total of 36 members, representing school districts, regional occupational program, community college, county offices of education located in Shasta and Trinity Counties. Although not all members participate in all programs, it is through the joining together for the purpose of self-insuring, group purchase, loss control and greater financial resources that continued stabilization of insurance costs will be maintained for school districts who participate in Shasta-Trinity Schools Insurance Group programs.