Standing Committees From left to right: Enterprise High School front office, School buses lined up, Fall River Students on lawn

Health and Welfare Committee

The Health and Welfare Committee, sometimes referred to as the Health Benefits Committee, consists of five to eleven voting members and unlimited additional advisory members, all as selected by the President. At least five voting members must be Regular or Alternate members of the Board whereas the remaining Committee members need not be Regular or Alternate members of the Board. The President selects the Committee Chair, who must be a member of the Executive Committee, and the Vice-chair. The committee meets several times a year to discuss changes and programs affecting the members.

The functions of the Health and Welfare Committee include but are not limited to the following:

a. Review all matters affecting the Health and Welfare Program available to members of the Authority;
b. Submit recommendations concerning these matters for further consideration to, and action by, the Executive Committee and/or Board of Directors