Work Comp From left to right: Foothill High School Building, North Cottonwood School, Lassen View Elementary School

New Medical Clinic for Workers Compensation

Hilltop Medical Clinic is no longer accepting new Workers Compensation patients.  STSIG members will now be referred to Redding Occupational Medical Center if necessary, following a consultation with the Early Intervention Nurse.

We also provide Telehealth through KURA MD for those injured workers who elect to use them, following a consultation with the Early Intervention Nurse.

If an injury occurs after hours, members should follow the standard “after hours” protocols.

Traditional Office Visit:

Redding Occupational Medical Center

1710 Churn Creek

Redding, CA 96002

Apt Phone: 530-646-4242

Fax: 530-646-4243


Walk-ins accepted

Hours:  M-F 8:30-5:30

New patient apt scheduling and/or walk-ins, no later than 4 pm


KURA Telehealth appointment:

KURA Telehealth phone 855-259-8218

KURA will provide instructions to the injured employee on how to connect their smart device to KURA’s secured portal which allows the employee and physician to see each other and speak with each other