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Open Enrollment 2021/22

Your Source Of Open Enrollment Information for the 2021-22 Plan Year


Open enrollment begins August 1, 2021, and runs through September 3, 2021. The plan year begins October 1, 2021 and ends September 30, 2022.

This year open enrollment meetings will be virtual, with an option for districts to request a meeting in-person with our staff. You can view a meeting on our website anytime or participate in a live Zoom meeting – See schedule below. 


Please submit all questions to


This will be a PASSIVE open enrollment. It is recommended that all STSIG members log in to PlanSource to verify all personal and dependent information is correct. If you intend to make a change to your medical plan selection and or enroll or terminate benefits for a dependent, you will need to login to PlanSource to complete those changes. Instructions to make changes in PlanSource are below.


Note: STSIG provides rates to districts, but not to individual employees because each district has a different employee benefit contribution (CAP). Please ask your school district’s human resource staff for specific rates.


Open Enrollment Schedule: use a link below to register for a Zoom webinar


To be posted soon.


Open Enrollment Materials

Check back here for 2021-2022 documents soon

Open Enrollment Meeting Packet (Active and Early Retiree Only) 

Open Enrollment Meeting Packet (Medicare Retirees Only)


open enrollment video

Check back here for 2021-2022 video, the link below is an example from last year

This video can be viewed by any member who is unable to attend an open enrollment webinar.  Please download a copy of the Open Enrollment Meeting Packet (above) to refer to during the video.



quick links to documents in the Open enrollment meeting packet

      Check back here for 2021-2022 documents soon

Ø  2020-21 Medical Plans Summary Page (Use to compare plans)  

Ø  9/35 Pharmacy Summary

Ø  Wellness Incentive Program information 2020

Ø  PlanSource open enrollment instructions

Ø  MDLIVE information

Ø  Employee Assistance Program (EAP) information

Ø  Advance Medical Second Opinion Services

Ø  Prestige Flyer 

Ø  Prestige Discount offer for family members

Ø HSA Road Rules for 2019/20

      Ø Plansource Website Link


Information for district human resources professionals

Human Resources Thumbdrive (zipped folder)

Human Resources Thumbdrive (linked folder)

Open Enrollment HR Training Video (YouTube)