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Loss Prevention Incentive

The goal of the Loss Prevention Incentive Program is to increase safety, promote wellness, and decrease on-the-job injuries by implementing consistent prevention strategies. 

In order to earn Safety Incentive Dollars member districts must successfully complete the four required activities during the course of the plan year, between Jul 1st and ending June 30th.

There are no changes for the 2018-19 year.


What’s in it for your district?

Size Payroll Incentive
Very Large Districts Annual Payroll Greater than 10M $5,000
Large Districts 5M – less than10M $3,500
Medium Districts 2M – less than 5M $2,500
Small Districts 0 – less than 2M $1500


The FOUR TASKS to complete:

  1. Follow your District's Illness and Injury Prevention Plan.

  2. Participate in STSIG Safety Trainings throughout the year.  

  3. Participate in a District Work Comp review with us. (Note: This is still in pilot form, we may not be able to reach all districts this year)

  4. Maintain an Active Safety Communication Program.  

Safety incentives are paid to each qualifying district at the end of the plan year in the form of a reimbursement account that can be used to purchase safety and wellness related items.  This will promote a culture emphasizing safety and allows districts to secure products that would not be possible under current budget restraints. Safe employees are happy employees!

Helpful Documents:

Incentive Program Summary:

Detailed information about the program.
Incentive Program Summary

Incentive Progress Checklist for Districts:

Use this checklist to track your progress, then send in to secure your incentive
Incentive Program Checklist for Districts

Safety Communication Memo Template

Use this template to write the Safety Communication Memo that is requirement #4 on the checklist. Submit the memo with your checklist when you have completed your tasks for the year.

Reimbursement Form

Fill this form out and return with your qualified safety purchase receipts to use your earned safety incentive money
Reimbursment Form LP Incentive

A quality safety program impacts the entire JPA membership. It is our hope to create a positive, collaborative atmosphere that is supportive to our districts as we strive toward improved employee engagement and safety.

For more information please contact the Prevention Services Manager, Kurt Walling at 530-410-6444 or by email at kwalling@stsig.org.


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