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Healthy Schools Act and IPM


The Healthy Schools Act (HSA) requires anyone applying a pesticide on a schoolsite must annually
complete either a Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) developed training course or a similar
course authorized or approved by DPR. As provided by law, DPR and anyone authorized by DPR must
provide a course that covers integrated pest management (IPM) and the safe use of pesticides, taking
into consideration the unique school setting and children’s health.

The slideshow and materials below are provided as a courtesy. Trainers are responsible for ensuring their training meets all requirements of the Healthy Schools Act.  Member districts contact Kurt Walling at STSIG for a personal training at your site.

Slideshow   (For copies of the test and answers please email Kurt Wallling)

Mandatory Course Components

Healthy Schools Act Handout

Certificate of Completion

Microfiber Cloth Pamphlet

Healthy Schools Act Employee Statement of Understanding- Training election


For pesticide applicators, an annual training and certification is required. Below is information and components that should be included in your IPM binder. Ensure you have a current SDS in your binder for each pesticide!

IPM Table of Contents

HSA Handout

IPM Handout 1     IPM Handout 2     IPM Handout 3     IPM Handout 4     IPM Handout 5     IPM Handout 6

IPM Handout 7     IPM Handout 8

IPM Plan Template

Pesticide Training Checklist

Pesticide Use Report                Pesticide Non-use Report

Prohibited Pesticide Products as of APR 16

Prop 65 list of 2015

Training Roster

Voluntary Respirator Use (Shasta County)

Written Safety Training Plan template

What is a Pesticide?


Additional Resources

California Department Of Pesticide Regulation (School IPM) website link

CCR Regulations on Pesticide Training

CCR Regulations on Healthy Schools Act

Cleaning Schoolbuses

Hand Sanitizer in Schools Guidance

Other HSA Training options available