2016 Dental Plans


Dental benefits plans are provided to members on a self-insured basis. Self-insured means that all members pay to the JPA a monthly premium, which is used to pay claims filed, claims administration and JPA administrative cost.

Delta Dental provides the network of dental care professionals used by JPA employees and monitors claims filed for appropriateness and compliance with the fee schedule set by Delta Dental.

Open Enrollment is held annually beginning October 26th and ending on November 20th, with changes taking effect January 1st.

On-Line Dental Benefits Statements


Shasta-Trinity Schools Insurance Group
350 Hartnell Avenue, Suite D
Redding, CA 96002
Phone 530.221.6444
FAX 530.221.6225

deltadentalof California Contact Phone Numbers

Claims/Customer Service:  866.499.3001


Expectant Mother’s 3rd Cleaning

Delta Dental Plan Description

2016 Plan Summaries
Dental Plan 1 Dental Plan 9
Dental Plan 2 Dental Plan 10
Dental Plan 3 Dental Plan 11
Dental Plan 4 Dental Plan 12
Dental Plan 5 Dental Plan 13
Dental Plan 6 Dental Plan 14
Dental Plan 7 Dental Plan 15
Dental Plan 8 Dental Plan 16
15 Bella Vista Elementary School District 15 Mountain Union
12 Black Butte Union Elem. School District 4 Mountain Valley Unified School District
4 Burnt Ranch Elementary School District 11 North Cow Creek Elem. School District
1 Castle Rock Union Elem. School District 1 Oak Run Elementary SD- Cert
4 Coffee Creek Elementary School District 1 Oak Run Elementary SD-Class
8 Columbia Elementary SD - Cert. 1 Oak Run Elementary SD- Conf
11 Cottonwood Union Elem. School District 7 Redding SD - Class & Adm
8 Redding SD-Teachers 4 Douglas City Elementary School District
15 Redding SD- Monarch Cert & Class 2 French Gulch Whiskeytown Elem
12 SCOE 12 Grant Elementary School District
2 Shasta College - Class 3 Igo Ono Platina Union Elem. School Dist.
8 Shasta College - Cert & Mgmt 6 Indian Springs Elementary School District
12 STSIG 13 Indian Springs Elementary Classified
12 Shasta Union Elementary School District 16 Junction City Elementary School District
1 Southern Trinity Jt. Unified School District 14 Lewiston Elementary School District
1 Trinity Center Elementary School District 13 Lewiston Elementary - Class
1 Trinity County Office of Education 13 Whitmore Union Elem. School District
14 Northern Summit Academy    


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