About STSIG From left to right: Bob Reid Stadium, Trinity County Office of Education, Shasta County Office of Education entrance

Brooks Rice

Executive Director

I have a background in the medical field and I am currently still licensed as a doctor of chiropractic in the states of Kansas and Missouri. Before joining STSIG in 2013, I was the wellness director for a public entity pool in the Midwest. I also kept a private practice and helped support those with chronic health conditions. I have numerous post-doctor hours in functional neurology and functional medicine. As the executive director of STSIG, I have the same passion for helping others with their health needs, but it is just in a little different way. My job now is to help create health and workers’ compensation programs that are truly user friendly and cost effective. I have a big belief in wellness and prevention. Helping others to learn how to be safe and healthy is my life’s mission.

Email: brice@stsig.org